Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Monadnock Region Board of REALTORS

Board of Directors

February 2, 2018


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President, Joshua Greenwald at 8:36 am

Roll Call

Barnard, Bob E

Greenwald, Joshua P

Howe, Michelle P

Jutras, Kirsten P

Mansouri, Myra P

Mastrianni, Kim P

Murphy, Bruce E

Sanctuary, Robin P

Elizabeth Tibbals also attended.

Secretary’s Report – It was Moved, Seconded and Voted to accept the January Minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report- Myra Mansouri reported that everything seems to be going well. MRBR is in good shape financially. The $5,000 still needs to be moved over to the Money Market. Elizabeth will take care of that after the meeting. Elizabeth will let the Member Meeting account go negative up to $6,000 per last month's BOD approval. Josh has more checks to deposit from meeting sponsors. There are 12 sponsor checks in all. It was Moved, Seconded and Voted to accept the January Financials as presented.

Board Administrator’s Report-Elizabeth Tibbals reported that dues continues to be received. Several members' checks "are in the mail" and several members have not responded. Elizabeth will contact them one more time. The Leadership Symposium was also discussed. Elizabeth received Kirsten Jutras' registration form. Christine Houston will also attend. Elizabeth will send the registration payment to NHAR. Jane Lord's late fee was discussed as there were email communication issues . The Board approved waiving Jane's late fee. Elizabeth reported that the e-commerce cost is 2.28% (approx) which will equal $4.22 for each $185 local dues transaction. Discussion followed. It was decided to revisit the ecommerce discussion at a later meeting. Kim Mastrianni suggested using Google Calendar to help reduce email traffic for better communication. Google Calendar can be linked to the website. Elizabeth will look into it.

Committee Reports:

Affiliates – The Affiliate recognition went well at the January Member Meeting. Affiliates were surprised and happy. Josh will send an email to Elizabeth encouraging REALTOR members to send positive feedback for Affiliate recognition at future meetings.

Audit- No report.

Bylaws- No report.

Community Outreach – Kirsten recommended taking a collection at each member meeting for local charities. (Hundred Nights Shelter, Humane Society, etc). She suggested that efforts needed to be more organized which will encourage volunteers to participate. Christine Houston is connecting with The Shopper for promotions. Josh reminded Kirsten to not neglect the regular events MRBR has participated in each year (Green Up Keene, Walk-a-Mile, DeMar Race, etc). Josh received a letter from Hundred Nights Shelter saying they were pleased and surprised by the donations from the January Member Meeting. A collection will be received at the March Meeting for a charity to be determined. Kirsten suggested reaching out to surrounding communities that don't have the resources Keene has.

Communications & PR- Sara and Josh are sending out a press release soon.

Education – Robin Sanctuary reported that the CORE Course will be offered on March 6th. The 2018 CE Schedule is now available.

Grievance –Carol Slocum will be waiting until after the Professional Standards Workshop to discuss the new Grievance Citation with the BOD.

Honor Society– Michelle Howe has received 4 or 5 Honor Society Applications. Several more reminders will be sent out via email. Hard copies of the application will be available at the March Meeting.

Hospitality- Michelle Howe reported that rooms have been reserved at Antioch for both the meeting and the CORE Course in March. Discussion followed about alternative venues as the one room at Antioch is not adequate. Michelle reported that 64 members attended the last meeting. Michelle will find out what the capacity is for the 2 rooms at Antioch. Michelle suggested that the ROTY luncheon could be held at the country club. BOD members should contact her with other suggestions.

Michelle also shared that she is looking to bring on a new chair person for the committee as she will not be able to organize everything as President. Carol Pelczarski was suggested as volunteer. Discussion followed concerning speaker placement in long narrow rooms and if a small sound system should be purchased to help members toward the back of the room hear speakers better.

NEREN- No report

New Member Liaison- No report

Nominating – No report

Professional Standards – No report

Public Policy – No report

ROTY- No report

RPAC- No report

Scholarship– No report

President’s report –Josh reported that he received a lot of good feedback from the January meeting. There were some negative comments. Unfortunately the speaker was not interesting and many members left early. Discussion followed concerning speakers and the length of the meetings. Education presenters should attend the meeting and be ready to present soon after the meeting adjourns. Josh asked BOD members to email him possible speakers for future meetings.

Josh also shared that the REALTOR "Pay It Forward Coin” presentations went well. Michelle gave Robin Sanctuary her coin in appreciation for all her diligence in planning last year's CE Class schedule and for getting sponsors to help make the classes free for members. Josh added that the Affiliate Certificates were well received and that Theresa Hastings was very moved by the presentation and flowers. Much discussion followed in regard to venues for meetings. Some suggestions were; churches, Historical Society, library, Best Western, etc.

Greg McCarthy's application for REALTOR membership was presented and approved.

Keller Williams was concerned that they were not given an opportunity to help sponsor the last meeting. They will be sponsoring the next meeting. Josh will reach out to Blais & Associates for sponsorship.

New Business – Kirsten shared that downtown loitering is a serious problem. She is exploring Anti-Loitering Laws to present to the City Council. Discussion followed.

The next Board of Directors Meeting will be Friday, March 2, 2018.

The next General Membership Meeting will be Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 8:30am at Antioch

The meeting was adjourned at 10:09 am

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Tibbals, Executive Officer

Monadnock Region Board of REALTORS.

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