After World War II

After W.W. II, thousands of returning G.I.'s casued somewhat of a real estate boom. At that time there was no regulation or standardization of the industry. Registration as a real estate salesperson was voluntary through the state insurance department.

Erle Bishop of Peterborough felt a need to stabilize our business, establish qualifications, and form rules and regulations. So through Erle, a local board was created and approved by the state and national associatons September 29, 1949. The Monadnock Region Board of Realtors charter members were:

Erle Bishop — Peterborough
Sheldon Barker — Munsonville
Valentine Weston — Keene (deceased)
Cleon Heald — Keene
Milton Isreo — Troy (deceased)
David Barry — Wilton (deceased)
Frank Bennett — Keene (deceased)
Clifford Reynolds — Swanzey (deceased)
Charles Tarbox — Keene

Erle Bishop was the first president and served for three years. There were regular monthly meetings. Membership was only open to a select few. Church activities, character, ethics, and length of business experience were major membership considerations. Commission rates were regulated then. 5% was the fee with 10% for everything more than 15 miles out.


In 1950 it was decided that a secretary was needed. Clifford Reynolds filled this job until he became ill. Then Aileen Zeifle, the second women admitted to board membership, took over and was reelected to the position twice more.

In 1953 members agreed to abide by a code of ethics. Cleon Heald the second president of the board was denied membership initially because he was not full time and because he worked out of a barbershop. Our requirements now are much...

Under Charlie Tarbox's administration the Board developed and adopted standardized listing forms and sales agreements with legal assistance. In 1955 the Board wrote to the state recommending part time realtors be accepted for membership. They also wanted an executive director that would do promotional wok on behalf of the Realtors in the areas of public relations and pending legislation. Charlie Tarbox was instrumental in originating the real estate license law.

By 1956 we had 26 new members and one honorary. Ventine Weston was president then. The National Assocation of Real Estate Boards offered a standarized membership form and at the bottom it said,"Every honest and capable real estate broker should be a Realtor." A letter was sent to all those using the term realtor that were not members of the board. Today, of course that term is copyrighted.

In 1957, Valentine Weston, Charlie Tarbox and John Peterson met for the radio show "Coffee at the Crystal" on WKNE for a discussion of the term Realtor with all its ramifications and social value.

In 1958 Sheldon Barker of Keene took over as president of the board. In 1959, during Mr. Barker's second term, Charlie Tarbox was President of the State. The first license law was signed by Governor Wesley Powell. You can all thank Charlie for the license test.


Walter Peterson was the local board president in 1960 as well as the state president. The Realtor of the Year Award was established and Erle Bishop was the first so honored both on a local and state level. 1960 was also the year Francis Ash became a charter member of the Women's Council of Realtors in New Hampshire.

During the 1963-64 term of Kenneth McParland, board membership philosophy began to change. All practicing real estate brokers were encouraged to belong to the associations, chiefly for the purpose of education.

During 65 and 66 when Edward MacLaughlin was president, the commission rates were raised from 5-6% after lots of consternation and discussion. In 1966, Francis Ash was ROTY. In 1967 Francis Ash became the first woman president of the Monadnock Region Board. She was the first Gold Star Banner Award recipient and membership increased by 10%.


Romeo Papile took over the reins in 1969 and passed them on to Ruth Moller of Hancock in 1970.

Under Louette Johnson's administration in 1973 and 1974, National set up the Realtor-Associate membership.

In 1975, Armand Paquette was Realtor of the Year both local and State. Our name became the Monadnock Region Board of Realtors, Incorported.

We had 140 members. 83 Active — 46 Associates and 11 honorary.

In 1976 Members residing in the Peterborough area broke away and formed the Contoocook Valley Board of Realtors.

In 1977, Whalen (Red) Dunn was the President of the Board. Louette Johnson was Realtor of the Year for the third time — the only person so honored. George Blais was our leader in 1978. Ralph Johnson was Realtor of the Year on both the state and local level — the fourth person from our area. We had 99 members and the push was started for a multiple listing service.

MLS beame a reality during Hermans term in office. Ralph Johnson became state president. The first from the Monadnock Board since Charlie Tarbox in 1959. 


We formed an MLS Association with the Vermont MLS in 1980.

Dave Brown was our 19th President and our 1981 Realtor of the Year.


As of April of this year we had 94 Realtors, 47 Realtor Associates, 12 Assessments, and 10 Honorary members.

Your history is usually available at our regular meetings, encourage you to participate and make a little history yourself.