Honor Society


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The purpose of the New Hampshire REALTORS® Honor Society is to encourage participation among board members. When agents actively participate in Board events they will become better aware of the current market conditions and they will better serve their customers/clients. Members of the Honor Society are awarded a REALTORS® Honor Society pin. Certificates and pins recognizing membership in the Honor Society will be presented in June of each year at local board meetings.

In order to maintain membership in the REALTORS® Honor Society, members must re-qualify each year, for five consecutive years, by obtaining 150 points. Following the fifth consecutive year of membership, a member may miss one year without losing his/her five-year status.

The program is designed for both the newer REALTOR® as well as those who have held membership for years – it is intended to recognize the members who are actively participating in REALTOR® functions.

REALTORS® who maintain their Honor Society membership for 15 years will be recognized as lifetime members.

The qualification period for submission is January 1 through December 31 of each year. Applications must be submitted to the local board for verification no later than March 15.

A minimum of 150 points per year is needed in order to qualify or maintain membership in the REALTORS® Honor Society. The application lists, in detail, the point breakdown by category.